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The Cypress Group at Morgan Stanley

Building a story of trust & competence

The Cypress Group is a team of wealth management advisors within Morgan Stanley that wanted to expand their on-going success by developing a “story” and refining a presentation that resonates with a unique target audience: women facing sudden financial liquidity (following the death of a spouse, for example). There are many competitors with similar offerings in the wealth management space, making differentiation especially important (and challenging). We featured their impressive capability, partnership, and trustworthiness to engage women needing support in managing their wealth.


In conjunction with RadiantBrands, we worked with The Cypress Group’s principals to identify what specifically defines their unique approach and enables the results they deliver for their clients. We asked thoughtful but structured (i.e. difficult) questions to understand where their competitive edge actually comes from, facilitating the conversation until we hit important insights.

Key messaging & tone

The results of our positioning work were developed into a positioning statement and set of key messages that are distinctive, memorable and inspire a reaction. They highlight specific aspects of the client’s offering which is founded on respect, collaboration, and an impressive integration of diverse services. We also defined a brand voice and tone, which is assured but also warm, that will resonate with their clients and contribute to their growth.

Building relationships with collateral

The conservative layout and functionality of The Cypress Group’s web presence is governed by Morgan Stanley. So we agreed a customer-centric booklet would better communicate how their services meet those customers’ needs. Collateral in financial services is frequently blue and gray with images of arms in suits shaking hands across a conference room table. We chose bright green and brown to communicate vibrance, growth, and possibility. Open skies, the integration of nature, a woman on an adventure with her face lifted toward the sun – these images are feminine and also strong; they point to the “brighter future” the team makes possible.

The results

The Cypress Group team was excited and impressed. They can speak to their uniqueness with more clarity and specificity. They are using the booklet as a foundation for conversations with prospective clients. And they also send copies to existing customers to remind them of The Cypress Group’s distinctive values and the diverse wealth management options they offer.

“Erin helped us get to the heart of what differentiates our work and team. She then developed that into a collateral piece that we are thrilled to use because of the impact it has with prospective clients. She is a gifted consultant and her creative approach was spot on. The work is exemplary.”

Julie Baeder, CIMA, CDFA
Senior Vice President and Principal