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Skybox Security

Bringing visibility to the network visibility company

With a new logo and website showcasing their unique network threat visualization tools, Skybox Security approached us to develop a collection of collateral pieces that would advance the company’s goal of communicating their high touch approach in addition to their technological expertise. It was important that the collateral echo these themes and also be consistent with the strategy and other assets already in progress.

Stationery design

Identity is communicated and confirmed by stationery. We designed the business card and electronic letterhead to give a nod to their technological roots but emphasize their personable and humanizing vision.

The fabric of thought leadership

Skybox demonstrates thought leadership through white papers, case studies, technology briefs and more. What differentiates them is how they have made possible complete visibility of an organization’s dataverse. We designed their media collection to align by taking inspiration from magazine layouts and making it warm, simple, and easy to read. Document types reach out by color and specific design elements unique to each type.

“Erin McReynolds is a creative marketing professional who has earned my respect and appreciation for her excellent work on the company rebranding.  I am pleased to recommend Erin and Chrome Canyon as a boutique creative design firm offering top-notch creative strategy and design capabilities, along with a great client experience.”

Michelle Johnson Cobb, VP Worldwide Marketing, Skybox Security

The results

Our work and relationship with the Skybox team continued way beyond what we initially planned – so we feel confident calling it a success. The business cards were a hit with staff and customers worldwide. And the document downloads rival Pokémon Go. (Almost. We’re getting there.)