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Guru Girls

Propelling a film script and book trilogy into production

Guru Girls is a film script and book trilogy about two powerful teens who disrupt the dystopian model we saw in Divergent and The Hunger Games, while advancing strong female characters and relationships. Working with Patina Entertainment, creators Denise Williams and Marina Spence needed an urban, edgy brand for Guru Girls to support a campaign that will bring the books and film into production.

Refining the script

The writing for Guru Girls is incredibly intelligent, adventurous, funny and “real.” We first worked with Marina and Denise to polish the script, ensure it speaks to a young adult audience and is grounded in modern pop culture.



Protagonists Sid Hartha and Crystal Castaneda integrate grit and gentleness, spiritual wisdom and tangible practicality. So the identity for the project had to capture all of that – and it had to engage a young adult audience. We developed a vibrant, punchy logo and a tagline structured as a probing question: What if 2 girls had to save the world?

Early explorations:

Erin did an extraordinary job of understanding the Guru Girls concept and positioning it in a logo, tagline, website and press kit that capture the attention of our target audience.  Additionally, Erin consulted on the creative content and helped us make it more edgy and engaging.  Erin added tremendous value to Guru Girls– working with her was smooth and efficient.

Denise Williams and Marina Spence Creators of Guru Girls


We designed the website to reflect a collage or “vision board” that is popular among young women using objects and symbols referenced in the script. It introduces the characters and creators to generate interest and gather a following.

Electronic press kit

As a companion to the website, we created an electronic press kit (or EPK) for executives at Patina Entertainment to use as a foundation for business development. It includes information that is relevant to funders, like competitive analysis and merchandising, but isn’t needed on the website.

The results

The first step for Guru Girls is to secure funding and that is underway. In collaboration with Patina Entertainment, Creators Denise Williams and Marina Spence are moving forward with an animated trailer. Not only are they confident and excited about the writing itself but they are thrilled with its presentation online.