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Deer Hollow Benefits

A stand out logo, messaging & meaning

Deer Hollow Benefits competes in a market saturated with large and long-standing providers. How can we inspire customers to choose them over the competition? We answered this question with compelling messaging and an award-winning logo that support the company’s sales process.

Friends and benefits

To establish Deer Hollow Benefits’ positioning and messaging, we gathered actionable data from customer and client interviews that revealed their highest value offering and unique differentiating qualities. Their close relationships with customers enables them to offer an outstanding value proposition, simply: We give small businesses the experience large corporations receive without the cost. 

Once we landed on that we backed it up with a messaging system that includes:

  • Proof points that demonstrate the core value in day-to-day business activity.
  • Repeatable qualities that make the core value possible.
  • Emotions that are created by each quality.

The result transformed words on a page into believable, emotionally-driven ideas that influence buying decisions.

ID please!

We then used design thinking to inform a new logo and identity system for Deer Hollow Benefits. Think of Apple, Target, Shell Oil. A “wysisyg” approach that communicates honest, directness, and simplicity points to important qualities of Deer Hollow Benefits. The artwork strongly differentiates the company from competitors (which tend to have quite generic logos) and – even more exciting – was a winner in Indigo Award’s 2018 logo design category!

The results

A clear value proposition, compelling messaging system, and memorable logo create a foundation for the entire brand. These tools are being used to guide redesigning the website and other brand assets.

Previous logo

“Chrome Canyon delivers outstanding work. Erin is an impressive strategic and creative thinker with solid integrity. I have appreciated her partnership and commitment to quality.”

Christine Lacy
President, Deer Hollow Benefits