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Creating a meme for an iconic automotive restoration company

Dedicated expert service meets vintage automotive culture at Buslab, a specialty garage that repairs and lovingly restores Volkswagen vans and buses from 1950 on up. They were launching an e-commerce site that received international attention and decided it was time to focus on their brand.

Logo go-go

The Buslab’s diverse customer base includes wealthy aficionados, nostalgic hippies, and German and Japanese engineers. We wanted their new identity to have appeal for a broad audience with enough flexibility to accommodate a range of applications. We created a logo which uses a bus in a unique way, shining a light on their namesake. It has been such an incredible success that they want to put it everywhere (well, almost everywhere). We’ve created stickers, t-shirts, a mural and more.

Early explorations


The results

The entire Buslab staff was thrilled. They were excited about the logo and loved the t-shirts. The identity of a Buslab bus has become a meme in the community as customers comment on it regularly and are seeing more and more vehicles around town sporting Buslab stickers on their bumpers. It has given them the approachable-but-distinctive edge and versatility they were looking for.