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Innovating to capture a larger slice of the market

Brightidea has one of the hottest offerings on the market in the innovation software space. Their CMO contacted us after seeing work we had done for Netbase (who contacted us after seeing work we had done for N Leadership) and asked for our design support for sales collateral that would push the envelope of their brand. Following that, they wanted to work together on a strategy and design for branding guidelines to create consistency across their materials.

E-book design

In a fantastic collaboration with the Brightidea marketing team, we designed an animated e-book that they use to highlight their offerings, get the attention of buyers and differentiate from competitors. They wanted something bold and punchy but still consistent with the clean minimalism of the rest of their brand. Our solution was to ramp up the imagery, extract and highlight bold statements, and add more color.

Branding guidelines

Brightidea had a strong point of view about the image and message they want to communicate in the marketplace. Using that and the success of the e-book, we worked with the marketing team to build the branding guidelines that set the standard for Brightidea’s materials. We established a color palette, typography structure, image guidelines, logo usage, and other essential design elements. We also developed a Creative Brief – a form that can be used in-house to organize ideas and ensure new materials are supporting the brand in an intentional and consistent way.

The results

The results were a strong sales piece generating many new customers, a platform to create and maintain visual and verbal consistency across all of their marketing materials, and a great collaborative experience.