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Bears For Humanity

Using design to support sales

With the fall and winter gifting season quickly approaching, this plush toy manufacturer needed to execute targeted holiday campaigns quickly. We created a deluge of assets for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Veteran’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Then we refreshed their website, suggesting they redirect the brand from very young children and toward to the real customer: Parents.

Christmas Campaign

Landing pages, social media graphics, collateral

Other holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, Sweetest Day

Landing pages, product apparel

Other materials

Print ads, pop-up banners, sales collateral

A fresh refresh

Bears For Humanity has a mission-driven “buy one, give one” business model and the product line is made with organic cotton. As such, the products are more expensive than many competitors and appeal to specific demographic groups. We quickly updated the typography system and color palette to achieve a look that is sophisticated and also warm, youthful but not young.

Website reloaded

Without redesigning the entire site, we reconfigured the home page to create more flexibility and more promotional opportunity. The hero area was restrategized to accommodate graphics and links that are relevant to the next big holiday. Flexible Image and text areas were added for each product line that can also target upcoming holidays.

Previous website:

“Your work is BRILLIANT!”

Senior Executive
Bears For Humanity